Platelet Problem

Platelet Problem

Platelets are the tiny particles in blood which start the process of blood clotting.
When we get a small injury it is these platelets which spring into action.

So if you are short of platelets,
then you tend to have abnormal bleeds
like from nose, mouth, motion or
in case of women during the monthly period.


Many virus infections cause low platelets and in India, Dengue infection is one of the common causes for this problem.

If it is very severely affected, admission into hospital and platelet transfusion are usually advised.

There are also other diseases with low platelets like ITP.

Treatment is by various medicines or removal of spleen as a last resort.

Remember, if you consume alcohol regularly and without control, your platelets can drop to dangerously low values.

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Our body has inbuilt mechanisms to stop excessive bleeding from injuries.
If there is a deficiency of platelets or clotting factors people will have bleeding from multiple places like nose, gums, stools, menses etc.

Some people are prone to developing thrombosis or clots in their blood vessels.
These can all be detected by special tests and need regular monitoring and treatment by a hematologist.