Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer

You may wonder why people get blood cancer, which is quite a serious illness. The simple answer is ‘we don’t know’.

Blood cancer can affect all age groups.

In small children it is easier to treat and mostly curable. But in people above 15 years it is not easy to cure blood cancer.


Fever is the most common symptom followed by weight loss, bleeding from mouth, nose etc.

Patients may also get lumps in the body or bloating of stomach due to enlarged spleen.

Blood cancer needs proper testing for confirmation of diagnosis and should be treated in a well equipped hospital by hematologists.

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Many blood cancers are totally curable. Many people have the wrong opinion that once a cancer is diagnosed its the end.
Not true.

Every component in blood has to be in perfect proportion or numbers. Too much or too little will cause a problem or may be part of a disease.