Pregnancy and Anemia

Pregnancy and Anemia

Most Indian women in pregnancy have anemia.

Just because they don’t get a good diet also they are unable to eat well because of ‘morning sickness’.

But there are also other problems which need to be tested.


Pregnant women are unable to eat well because of ‘morning sickness’

So in pregnancy you may need to see a hematologist for a proper diagnosis.


A condition called Thalassemia trait can be one of the things where you find a low hemoglobin in pregnancy.

It occurs in some communities in India like Gujaratis, Parsis, marwaris, chettiars, tribals and rarely in other communities.

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The vast majority of anemias all over the world are due to iron deficiency.
Cooking food in iron vessels can give you lot of iron.

A good balanced diet is essential to prevent anemia. Pure vegetarians especially those who eat more rice and less vegetables get more anemias.