Blood Donation : The gift of life

Blood Donation : The gift of life

As doctors we know that there are people out there in the community who, save lives every day.
I am referring to the noble act of blood donation which saves countless lives every single moment.

Blood is something that medical technology hasn’t been able to manufacture.

Blood has to come from healthy people and blood banks need this precious currency all the time.


Apart from the joy of saving lives blood donation if done regularly can keep your body hale and hearty.

The risks of excessive blood clotting that leads to brain and heart attacks is much less in regular donors.

This also promotes a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

Blood is used for many patients since we separate the donated blood into red cells, plasma and platelets.

Each of these is needed for different types of illnesses.

Plasma can be further split into various products using sophisticated technology.
So when you donate blood you are literally helping save lives in different settings may be even in different cities and countries.


Healthy people should make it a habit of donating blood regularly.

Best time to start donation is when you are in college after age 18 and make it a regular habit.

In our city we established a charitable blood bank in the Indian Medical Association premises back in 2005.

This is a joint venture of doctors, Freemasons and Rotarians.

The blood bank works 24 hours and is totally a non profit venture.

Call the blood bank on 90422 13322 anytime to donate.

Celebrate happy events in your life with
a blood donation.

If you can’t donate for some reason, encourage your kith and kin to donate.

India is still very short on blood needs and we have to get young and healthy population to get into the habit of giving blood.

IMA Masonic Rotary Midtown Mahaveers Blood Bank is located at IMA campus, Brookefields Mall Road,
Coimbatore 641001.
Open 24 Hrs.  90422 13322

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