Nutrition and Anemia

Nutrition and Anemia

The vast majority of anemias all over the world are due to iron deficiency which can be due to a lot of reasons depending upon the age of the patient.

It may be just be poor diet, worms in the bowel, or some area of excessive bleeding like piles or menstrual bleeding.

Sometimes there may be a cancer in the stomach or intestine.

So the lesson is always to get properly tested before treatment.


You should also know what type of foods will give you more iron.

If you are a vegetarian your source of iron are limited to green veggies, beans, dates, figs, pomegranates and raisins.


Cooking food in iron vessels can give you lot of iron. You should avoid the non stick vessels.

If you are a meat eater you will rarely get iron deficiency unless there is some problem in your capacity to absorb iron or some area of blood loss.

Either way iron deficiency though it may look simple sometimes is tough to tackle.

Other nutrients required for blood formation are folic acid, Vit B12, Zinc, Vit E, protein etc.

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A good balanced diet is essential to prevent anemia. Pure vegetarians especially those who eat more rice and less vegetables get more anemias.

Most Indian women in pregnancy have anemia. Just because they don’t get a good diet also they are unable to eat well because of ‘morning sickness’.